She Knows Where To Go

Storm wails outside so tense
She hides between bed and wall
Scare to move or play ball
She has a lot of common sense
For TV sent storm warning coming
To find a place not near windows;
Get away cause wind is very windy
Dog knows what to go when coming
A possible tornado storm is in the air
For o just hear the sirens blare

Setting Sun

Sinking sun pulls the skies to a close
Setting reddish hues among a fading blue
An old saying comes to mind as I look above
“A red sky at night sailors delight
Red sky in morning sailors take warning.” —
Phrase taught when I was just a child.
I watch red skies begin to sink
After the sun has taken leave
Turning skies now to black
Thinking weather tomorrow will be a delight.

Coming Home Excitement

From the car window I see her
She looks out waiting for me
I slide from the back seat out
She sees me; tilts head back
For an excited woof I can not hear
She jumps in air happy to see me
I drop luggage outside my car;
Run to front door in few strides
Open door; down on knee with arms
Wide open as she bounds right in
Glad that I am finally back;
My dog happy for my return

5 Summer Haikus

Heated days; summer
Comes drenching through the days
hot; very humid

Days warm to summer
As the sun stays out longer
shining its rays down

Ice cream on a cone
Drips down my fingers as the
Summer came full swing

Heat raises from roads
As sun bakes like hot oven
During summertime

Temps soar high to cause
Me to jump into waiting
Water to cool down

She Was There

She glides across the floor in front of me
Like a slow motion scene she comes
But still she seems far away to touch her
I walk forward, I feel my feet moving
Hoping to reach her; touch her
But still I seem far away like other side of room
I try to reach out my hand to see if I am near
But thin air wisps through my fingers
Image gone; she is gone
No one there as I swirl around empty room
With sweat dripping I bolt awake in bed
It was only a dream; nothing more