She Knows Where To Go

Storm wails outside so tense
She hides between bed and wall
Scare to move or play ball
She has a lot of common sense
For TV sent storm warning coming
To find a place not near windows;
Get away cause wind is very windy
Dog knows what to go when coming
A possible tornado storm is in the air
For o just hear the sirens blare

Setting Sun

Sinking sun pulls the skies to a close
Setting reddish hues among a fading blue
An old saying comes to mind as I look above
“A red sky at night sailors delight
Red sky in morning sailors take warning.” —
Phrase taught when I was just a child.
I watch red skies begin to sink
After the sun has taken leave
Turning skies now to black
Thinking weather tomorrow will be a delight.

Coming Home Excitement

From the car window I see her
She looks out waiting for me
I slide from the back seat out
She sees me; tilts head back
For an excited woof I can not hear
She jumps in air happy to see me
I drop luggage outside my car;
Run to front door in few strides
Open door; down on knee with arms
Wide open as she bounds right in
Glad that I am finally back;
My dog happy for my return