Into My Life

She comes into my life full of energy
Smiling her doggy grin while wagging her tail
Waiting to play; to cuddle; to be near me
She brings joy into my life;
One furry dog who will always be a part;
She is mine and I love her
What joy a dog will give to you
Her love; her bounding energy
That will never fail till she has reached her age.

Give Me Your Love

Will you give me your love to last a last time
Or will my heart break in two again
For I search for the one who will be mine
Hoping you will be the one this time
Give me your love is what I aim to find from you
Open your heart, let me come in
For I know you have to be the one
My love I will gladly aim to give to you
To give it freely in return
I hope you will give me yours.

Cooler Weather

Summer begin to cool with a hint of cooler air
As wind breezes blow through trees rustling
Their branches still full of green leaves.
There’s a chill in air as walks outside
Become a little bit more brisk with
Wearing a light jacket to keep warm.
All knowing the following month
Will bring the next season, Fall
Arriving with everything it has to offer.