5 Life Haikus

Life is short indeed
To savor every moment
I will let it last

The small things matter
In life just as bigger things
Might matter far more

See life growing now,
Watch before our very eyes
Open petals wide

Now comes thy life
Only now to growing old
To death; full circle

Full of life is me
To see world go slowly by
I must take it in

Fall Is Coming

She bends down upon the ground
Through her mouth blows a gusty wind
To whip breezes to become cooler
She takes a wand makes leaves
Begin to loose their color green
To become the reds, oranges and yellows
She calls on the moon to rise early
Telling the sun to rest it’s golden rays longer
Fall has finally arrive upon the earth

Into My Life

She comes into my life full of energy
Smiling her doggy grin while wagging her tail
Waiting to play; to cuddle; to be near me
She brings joy into my life;
One furry dog who will always be a part;
She is mine and I love her
What joy a dog will give to you
Her love; her bounding energy
That will never fail till she has reached her age.

Give Me Your Love

Will you give me your love to last a last time
Or will my heart break in two again
For I search for the one who will be mine
Hoping you will be the one this time
Give me your love is what I aim to find from you
Open your heart, let me come in
For I know you have to be the one
My love I will gladly aim to give to you
To give it freely in return
I hope you will give me yours.

Cooler Weather

Summer begin to cool with a hint of cooler air
As wind breezes blow through trees rustling
Their branches still full of green leaves.
There’s a chill in air as walks outside
Become a little bit more brisk with
Wearing a light jacket to keep warm.
All knowing the following month
Will bring the next season, Fall
Arriving with everything it has to offer.