Puzzle Of Words

A jigsaw puzzle of words form in mind
All piled together I slowly take apart
Unravel one word then another
They begin to take shape to write a poem
Word by word pieces fall in place
Sentences emerge to make a line
What finally becomes eight more
To make a poem, the puzzle is done

Twilight – After The Rain

Twilight peeks its weary head out after the rain
Over muddy road tracks waters reflects lighten beauty
Of twilight that grows darker as time passes.
Muddy road leads off into the twilight into darkness
Trees bare branches dot a barren landscape
Dotting only few trees full of leaves hung around
Draping old leaves waiting to fall off.
Pinks, purple, blues blend twilight down
After rains giving a weary dreary look
At the coming of evening sky.

Based on what I saw in the Cleveland Museum of Art, painting “Twilight – after the Rain” by Rufus Way Smith

I Am THE Dog

I am THE dog around the house.
I am THE one who comes around
To say what is needed to be done.
I am THE dog who puts their paw down
When I want to walk a certain way.
I’ll stop, I’ll sit so I can move us
To where I want to travel.
I am THE one who demands attention.
I’ll move myself close to you
Please pay attention to me if you don’t
I’ll go away on my bed and mope.
I am THE dog around the house.
What I communicate always stand.

Nature Of That Country

Nature of that country there are hills,
Rounded, blunt, burned, squeezed up out of chaos
Looking plains full of intolerable sun glare,
Narrow valleys drowned in blue haze.
Hill surface is streaked with ash drift.
After rains water in hallows of small closed valleys,
Evaporating, leaves hard dry levels of pure desertness.
Mountains are steep and rains heavy
The pool is never quite dry, but dark and bitter.
Thin crust lies along the marsh over the vegetating area,
Has neither beauty nor freshness.
Open to the wind sand drifts in hummocks about the stubby shrubs.
Sculpture of hills is more wind than water work,
Though quick storms do scar them past many a year’s redeeming.
This hill country one find springs, but not depend upon them;
For when found they are brackish and unwholesome,
Or maddening, slow dribbles in a thirsty soil.
High rolling districts where air has always a tang of frost.
Here long heavy winds and breathless calms on tilted mesas
Dust devils dance, whirling up into a wide, pale sky.
No rain when all Earth cries for it,
Or quick downpours called cloud- bursts for violence.
Land of lost rivers, with little in it to love;
Yet a land once visited must come back to.
If it were not so there would be little told of it.


Pluck A Petal From A Rose I Took

Do you love me or no you don’t;
Pluck a petal from a rose I took
From the rose garden that was near
To pluck as I walk towards your door.
You are sweet as honey are you not;
Pluck another petal from a rose I took
Slowly walking down the lane
To call on you I hope your in.
Are you the one who will be my bride;
Pluck a petal from the rose I took
I plucked another to give to you
That one will serve me true
For I have fasten the ring to bear
To ask the question I finally dare
Last petal I pluck from a rose I took
I have reached your door to knock upon
Discard the rose with no petals abound
Find the second rose with ring still on
I knock twice and wait to hear
Footsteps within come, as I wait
Open door you see me and smile
I present my pluck rose I took
From the rose garden that was near
I ask the question that I dare,
Do you love me; would you be my bride?

Kale Vegetable Wrap

Grab the vegetables red, green and orange
Wash red peppers and kale under sink
Grab a baby carrot or two to wash
Chop all as small as they can squeeze
Into an oversize tasty wrap
Bring out the skillet to medium heat
Add olive oil to skillet and garlic
Doesn’t matter fresh or not
Saute garlic then add carrots
Not to soft for a minute or too
As you smell the aroma
Add kale leaves until tender,
You will see them start to wilt
In front of your very eyes
Peppers are add a little before
The final wilt of kale
Grab wrap and heat in microwave
lay out wrap, favorite condiment;
Drizzle on wrap, enough but not enough
Add cooked vegetables to wrap’s center
Before you fold your wrap
Sprinkle cheese any of kind is fine
Then one side folded, then another
Until you see a delicious wrap,
Completely folded, wrapped around
Tender, tasty healthy vegetables;
Very easy to come together.

Find A Quiet Place To Rest

Where does one find a quiet place to rest?
Is it in a forest where a winding dirt trail
Leads one to a running brook with
Tall grasses where you can hide yourself in.
Or across a meadow and up a hill
To gaze upon a setting golden sun.
Perhaps on a prairie under a full moon
One can find a quiet rest no sound
But the orchestra crickets to listen by.
Is a quiet place a bedroom to rest in
Or washing of waves along the beach
Is that your quiet place to rest
I’ll rest my head for now under an oak tree
In the yonder pasture among the tall grasses.

Fall Leaves

Tree leaves begin to fade
As they begin to change their shade
Looks like they’re becoming blue
But only changing to different hue
Now branches leaves become few
Rest on ground scattered were they laid

I hear leaves from branches calling
No answer to the ones that are falling
Leaves keep dropping to the ground
A pile of leaves are becoming a mound
Many leaves are becoming browned
Best to get the rake and start hauling

The Other Side

What’s on the other side when we die?
No one knows not even I.
It could be anything, we just don’t know
Will there be a heaven for us in store?
Or will our life begin a new;
As a small child or an animal we want to come back as.
We don’t know, we will have to ponder
It could be anything we will have to see;
To see what’s on the other side when we die,
No one knows not even I.