Fall Leaves

Tree leaves begin to fade
As they begin to change their shade
Looks like they’re becoming blue
But only changing to different hue
Now branches leaves become few
Rest on ground scattered were they laid

I hear leaves from branches calling
No answer to the ones that are falling
Leaves keep dropping to the ground
A pile of leaves are becoming a mound
Many leaves are becoming browned
Best to get the rake and start hauling

The Other Side

What’s on the other side when we die?
No one knows not even I.
It could be anything, we just don’t know
Will there be a heaven for us in store?
Or will our life begin a new;
As a small child or an animal we want to come back as.
We don’t know, we will have to ponder
It could be anything we will have to see;
To see what’s on the other side when we die,
No one knows not even I.

Have Wings

Let me have wings to fly around the world
I would see all high above the morning sky
I could travel far and wide to many places
And also watch the setting and rising sun
I would be like a bird as I soar high and low
But I will use my imagination to fly on
Dreams of traveling places far and wide
As I gaze upon the morning skies
While watching the rising and setting sun