Into The Night

Into the night they come forth
Walking down streets and lanes
Little witches, ghosts and goblins
Along with werewolves, space men,
Pretty princesses, super heroes and more
House to house they go to gather loot;
Candy of different sizes and taste
Dropped into their sacks by house owners
Throughout the night you hear them
From one end to another they say
“Trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat”.

The Hug

I took her into my arms
Wrapped tightly like a blanket
Close we hugged through the night
I comforted her as she cried
She was feeling blue
A parent was dying she told
I didn’t press, could see her eyes
All she wanted was me to hug
So I hugged her like a blanket
Throughout the sad long night.

Indian Summer

Indian summer has arrive; days warm, evenings cool.
Temps are mild in late October no cold in sight.
Who knows how long it will last;
One day, two or maybe a week.
Rakes are out; leaves piles form
It’s great day to be outside and play.
Long walks with a dog to still enjoy
Before cold winters come along
Singing their icy, cold songs.
It may not be summer with flowering trees
But an indian summer still has nice breezes
Even if fall comes back bringing the cold again.

Whisked Me Away

Death came and whisked me away
He told me I could not stay
My time was up said he
Come, your soul is now free
Through town we glide down
Until the path Death found
He sent me forward on my away
Said he must part before its day
I climbed high into the sky
Past clouds that were flying by
Saw the light at the end
That is the place I will now spend.

Last Few Leaves

Out my window I see a painting;
Leaves golden, orange, brown, red
Lying scattered on the ground;
Brown bumpy knotted trees
Hold in their few branches
Couple of leaves clustered together
Trying to hold on to their branch
But against the rain streaming down
They fall to the ground to mix
With others who lie below
Staring up at the last remaining leaves
Knowing their time has come
To return to the earth once more.

So Radiant Light Shines So Bright

So radiant light shines so bright.
From up above it gives a warm glow;
Moon shines on throughout the night.

Golden, white moon gives out light
I hope the light continues to grow;
So radiant light shines so bright.

Moon stands tall without a fight
Never will moon hang low;
Moon shines on throughout the night.

Moon is such a beautiful sight;
It looks like it go with the flow,
So radiant light shines so bright.

From my bedroom I see its white
Moon looks like it putting on a show;
Moon shines on throughout the night.

Seeing moon in evening is such a delight
I enjoy the never ending glow;
So radiant light shines so bright.
Moon shines on throughout the night.