Give Thanks

Give thanks today we pray
For God has given us this day
For food we eat with all
To share with everyone we call
We gather around on this day
Passing food, we give our thanks
For what we have and what we’ll find
We will pass the peace with a sign
And give thanks to God one more time.

Nature’s Mood

Her mood changes on the wind
Angry in her wrath she gathers storm clouds
In frustration she lets rain come down hard
Beating the ground below her angry gaze
Happy she gives sun more rays to shine
Glad to hear nature in all its harmony
She lets white clouds fill the blue skies above
Sad she weeps a light rain upon the ground
Her teardrop fall so light they disappear from sight
Cold, indifferent she turns her eye away
From the one who ignores her beauty
Ground freezes on her icy gaze
Her tears turn to snow; she sends a blizzard
Blanketing the ones that done her harm
Winds of her mood change every day

30 Poems In 30 Days: April Poetry Challenge

Good news, my book “30 Poems In 30 Days: April Poetry Challenge” has been published. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or CreateSpace. It is also on some other channels too like Amazon Europe and other offline and online retailers. The kindle version is going to be coming out soon. I am working on making the version good for kindle on Amazon. So once it is up there you will see another version to buy.

Amazon link:

CreateSpace link:
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I would have to say it was fun being able to publish another book of poetry.

5 Biting Cold Haikus

Biting cold comes
Creeping silently in night
Making me shiver.

Cold winds whip around
As I shiver in my coat–
I want to go in.

Winter comes in
Bringing fridge cold blowing wind
Freezing the ground hard.

Bundle up in coats
Trudge through the cold biting wind
For a quick dog walk.

Stinging like a bee
Cold air stings my face, hands, toes
Through my many layers.

Will You Walk

Will you walk with me among the clouds;
Hold my hand and not let me fall
Will you guide me along the path;
Picking me up when I miss a step
Will you walk with me when times are dark;
When all hope may look lost and bleak
Will you see through my life;
From young child to old adult
Will you walk with me always in the light;
Hold my hand to the finally end

Under A Shady Tree

Under a shady tree I rest
looking as the sun begins
to sink below horizon.

Blue skies changes colors
to darker blue; sun becomes
orange, red blending in
colors along with darken skies.

Sun now gone below to sleep;
skies now black it is night
stars have come out.

Moon rises high above the night skies;
I watch looking up, admiring beauty as
day becomes night blending its colors
from one to the other in perfect time.

Don’t Wake Me

Don’t wake me I am sleeping all snuggled in my bed.
Don’t wake me now for its too cold to jump out of bed.
Don’t wake me for work for my bed is comfortable.
Don’t wake me I hear rain against the windows;
Would rather stay tucked in tightly under cozy covers.
Would rather sleep more minutes or perhaps an hour more.
Would rather stay warm then go outside to what’s happening.
Would rather stay dry and bundle beneath the covers;
I love to sleep and wish I could, sleep longer then ever before.