New Year

Another year closes its door
A new one opens with uncertainty
For what is behind the door
We are not sure until it starts
Will the new year bring joys
Or will it bring sadness
New year will unfold day by day
New experiences and event unfold
Days will turn to months
Months will turn another year
Until another year begins again.

Willow Tree

Through a trail that twists and turns
A running brook I passed along there
Glistening sparkling shimmering
With shining watery stars
I saw the willow tree standing there
Willow tree sings a song of gently waving hands
Its branches waving back and forth
To the music of every note that’s played
Among the reeds and gentle breezes of the wind
I paused to listen to nature’s symphony
As more joined in within every measure
Then a solo of the willow tree emerges
Sweet and sweeping with emotion
It seems to billow out its chords
Full of life it tells through song
Then the rest join in to finish the song

Just Seven More Days

Just seven more days till Christmas
Just seven more days indeed
Santa will come through on his sleigh
Pulling his eight flying reindeer
He’ll come down the chimney
Then fast as can be presents
Will be placed under the tree
My stocking will flow with tiny gifts
Hope it stays on its hook and not break
I’ll be fast asleep upstairs
While Santa moves like a mouse down below
I’ll dream of a winter fairyland
And dance with a sugar plum fairy
Then feel the warmth of sun rays
Morning has come shining through
Jump out of bed with great excitement
Wake parents and run around
Time to go down and see
What Santa has left for us