A Winter Scene

Against cold skies and white snow
Stands a tree weathered and worn;
Rough skin with crinkled look
Stark and brown stands it near a brook
Water frozen no music against stones
A brook lies silent under frozen ice forlorn
Only upon a dreary scene of cold
A red Bird has fluttered near
Lands upon tree so weathered
Begins to sing music the brook can hear
One small color against dreary cold day
Brings a capture to a winter scene today.

High On Hill They Stood Their Ground

High on hill they stood their ground
To wait for enemy that would come around
Untrained colonists soon would see
Army of red coats march from sea
Waves and waves they march in rhythm
Up the hill to take the high ground
Bunker Hill their target was
To break the colonists spirit of independence
Colonists held their ground to show
That they were determined not to fold
They held on hard through the end
They lost a lot men for what they wanted to defend
And proved to all that they could stand
Against the might empire that had come in hand.
For British had heavy losses too
They were much surprised of what colonists could do
Upon Bunker Hill they fought to start the revolution
That started the war for their independence

Random 5 Haikus

Bleak cold winter stirs
From its restless deep slumber
For another storm

Wind howls aloud song
Like a pack of mourning wolves
In dead of winter

Grey cloud belly rips
Open to empty snowflakes
Upon wintry ground

Barren cold hard ground
invites the falling snowflakes
In waiting bosom

Days become longer
For winter will come to end
Seeing melting snow

Raining Cats And Dogs

It is raining cats and dogs
Small and large I watch them fall
Not like tiny raindrops dropping water
These are bigger and furrier by far
They drop loudly from the sky
With meows and woofs aplenty
Coming down I see different breeds
My umbrella is to small to use
They will come down to hard I can tell
I think I’ll stay inside and wait
Until raining cats and dogs dissipates

Let Me Dream

Let me dream tonight of distant cities
Let me dream of adventures big or small
Will I dance I upon the clouds
Will I dance with fairies around the great oak
What will I dream tonight, I do not know
Will my dreams be present, past or furture
Or will they come like book of unknown characters
What will I dream in dreamland tonight
I won’t know until I’m deep with sleep

In The Cold Night Air

Winter wisp wings flutter
Snowflakes through the air
Swirling, twirling, dancing
In the cold night air.

Falling fast finding ground
Snowflakes abound all around
Swirling, twirling, dancing
In the cold night air.

Nestle now near the ground
Snowflakes rest till winter morning
Sleeping, keeping together
In the cold night air.

Gave It My Best

I gave it my best, but not good enough
Must aim for perfection, no letting down
Through I try will I ever succeed truly
Will I become more robotic in movements
Each time I hit the ball;
Or each time I’m out in the field
I must learn not to stride for the maximum
It’s ok to make mistakes, it how you grow
How you can nurture talents each practice;
Each game and through many years
But still manage to have fun doing it.

Dog Booties

She waits patiently;
Sitting still,
Waiting for them;
Blue dog booties.
She will tolerate these boots
For somehow when outside
Her paws freeze like ice cubes
That’s when she lifts a paw in air;
Eyeing owner please wipe them dry.
On boots go, they fit snuggly in place
Outside she doesn’t know they’re on
No cold on paws to freeze;
No stopping to stare helplessly at owner
She runs and enjoys the winter weather.