The Fish Name Giver

Three young whipper snappers trampled to the river
Carrying gear for fishing they hope to catch
But no one told them of the fish name giver
For he always seem to win the match.
No one could catch him for he was too clever
For he that river he said was his home forever.

The youngsters saw him when they sat down
He jumped in and out shouting, “come take me”.
Youngsters got to it with the poles they frown,
“We will get you, giver fish just wait and see”.
“No one can and no one will because I’m clever.
I’ll stay in this river, you will see forever”.

All day long they tried their best to catch the fish
But he laughed at their every attempt
Which made them determine to make him into a dish
They scowled at him with contempt,
“We will catch you no doubt about it”,
As they grumbled where they sit.

Day about to close at last
They had one more chance to make the catch
One last bait between them they had to catch him fast
“Must spice up our bait before we can snatch
Or else he will gloat and taunt again
No more time we must reel him in”.

They knew he like seasonings and spices plenty
But also the butter and beans
So they dress up the bait with many
Of a crazy dish the fish had ever seen.
Wide eye the fish was swimming back and forth
He probably was thinking swimming from there to north.

But the sight got the best of him he didn’t know why
For sooner than later he was on the bait tight
Youngsters hurried to reel him and watched him fly
Flopping that way and that as he tried to fight.
Fish Giver lost this match
To three youngsters who wanted a catch.


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