Love Is Like Nature

Love is like nature on cool evening
With a golden moon high in sky
Smiling a smile down welcoming
With open arms to forests, who
Whisper sweet nothings in an ear;
Running brook that glistens in moonlight
Like shimmering hair that catches the light.
Sweet smell of flowers that nature brings
For a love blossoms full of rare beauty
Catches the eye of a stranger; plucks it
And carry away in romantic trance
Love of nature can be found all around
From animals, trees and moon so high;
I listen to nature play romantic melody
And watch the love unfold all around me.

Open Your Heart

Open your heart; let love pour
In filling your soul full to top
Don’t wait for it to stop
For love may start to soar.

Love will bound away
Skipping through tall grasses
Keep up through narrow passes
Love won’t leave; will find the way.

Love will find its home this way
Through the open door
Straight to heart it will pour
Into soul; this very day.

Keira: A Special Dog

Do you need a helping paw?
For I will give all four to you
If you drop something on the floor
I will pick it in my jaw.

I will help turn on the light
To make it easier for you
If you are blind and can’t see
My eyes will be your sight.

I’m what they call a helping dog
I help those who cannot see
Or those that are wheelchair
So they call me a special dog.