Marches Forward

Uncoiling like giant serpent, line of blue marches forward
Unwinding into lines of battle, moved into position
Moving forward across pastures and fences.
Wave after wave ocean of blue marches forward,
Towards the stone wall, toward the hill, towards enemy
Never getting close to breaking enemy lines.
Fall where they are, more march forward in their place,
Marching to steady drum, one two, one two
Only to be repulsed, to be beaten back very far.

Furry Coat

She looks so warm in furry coat
Weather of winter doesn’t faze her
I look at her– “can I have that fur from thee?”
She looks up upon my question,
Head tilt she sighs to give an answer
“No, my fur is attached to me,
All zippered up the zipper tucked neatly,
Within the fold of fur you will not find.
I can’t take off unless you fur cut my fur
I won’t allow it, for I need my fur.”
“Guess I’ll be content then to snuggle with you”
“Fine with me,” she agrees
As she puts her furry self towards me.


A choice to live forever or to die
Is not simple one to hide.
Live forever to see all who pass by
While you stroll along with heavy sigh.
Wait of all you knew through many centuries untold
Gardner to much one can see though time’s folds.
Dying now as choice for your life will end
Gone back to ground as dust as nature intend.
No worries– no fears– nothing to think and do
Gone are you and everything you knew.
Immorality is to live forever–
Why choose this– I would never.


At table you sit alone waiting;
Waiting for someone to come meet you
You arrived early at the place
Hoping few minutes later they would arrive
You wait, time ticks by, you wait some more
Finally hour past, you sigh; they aren’t coming
Bill paid you leave, no point in waiting
They won’t show up, you go home
Asking yourself what’s wrong with me;
Can I even get a date to show up?

View Clouds

I view clouds crossing the sky
Slowly moving like turtles but only white
No one cloud strikes the same pose
As they glide along silently all together
One looks like a mountain;
Another like a raging dragon about to fly away
To a cloud which looks like its lair
Clouds move to different images
They are all different but made up of same material
In the end they keep us smiling
With their images in the sky

In Between

In between lies the cold and warmth
Ice and snow melt to give way to mud underneath
Both lie together in between winter and spring.
Nature gives way the cold to give spring its time
To bring blossoms and sunny days
But now is the in between time of snow and mud;
The cold and warmth together for a time
Until spring over takes with warmer weather.

The Fly

They’re small, really small you can barely see them
Like specks of grain tiny to the naked eye
They fly around to fast to get a hold of one
Sometimes I hope to see one flat against the wall
Their wings are like clear silver mesh wire
Their bodies are all black fuzz with crazy eyes
There one goes, flying around
Grab the swatter to kill it now!