Words Fall

Words fall from my chalice
They drop to table and wait
I pluck a word;
Roll it between fingers
Set down in separate space
Repeat again but now
Separate space brims with lines
They make a picture of words
Forming into sweet music when played
They are a poem spoken by me.

Still Awake

Paws tucked in under belly
Her eyes are close
She sleeps on her bed
Her nose wrinkles, she open eyes
Her owner still awake
She looks up as to say;
“It’s time for bed, turn off light”.
She closes eyes back to rest
Her owner finishes the poem now.

The Fly

They’re small, really small you can barely see them
Like specks of grain tiny to the naked eye
They fly around to fast to get a hold of one
Sometimes I hope to see one flat against the wall
Their wings are like clear silver mesh wire
Their bodies are all black fuzz with crazy eyes
There one goes, flying around
Grab the swatter to kill it now!

Spring Is Here

Upon the wind I hear the words
It whispers only for I to hear
Softly, lightly it said to me;
“Spring is here, spring is here”.
Snow is melting, I see the ground
Birds have come back making their song
Sun is brighter then before
Now it stays out for another hour more
And I hear the wind whispering to me,
“Spring is here, spring is here”.
River flows nor frozen no more
Bees come out to gather their stores
Butterflies break from coons to fly
Flapping their wings for spring has come
So, on the wind I hear the words,
“Spring is here, spring is here”.

Puzzle Of My Mind Is Broken

Puzzle of my mind is broken
Pieces scatter here and there
Pluck a piece to fit the puzzle
Put one there; try another here
Placement changes pieces don’t fit
Pick another and try again
Picture of mind comes together
Puzzle starts to take its shape
Place a piece; my puzzle is almost complete
Piece is missing from my puzzle
Placed hidden I can not find
Puzzle of my is still broken
Pieces are scattered and can’t be found


You fall gently on my coat sleeve
I don’t want to brush you away
You sparkle in the light like a diamond
You slowly start to fade away
Your shape looses form
You turn to liquid before my eyes
Must you go to soon
For your frozen design is exquisite
But your liquid state turns to a tear
To loose that beautiful design you once held
It is all to fast that I did capture that moment
For you will stay frozen in that state forever.