Into My Cup

Into my cup
I pour my life
Water running down
Filling empty space
Always fluid I see
It will change in time
Until my cup
Over flows down sides
Into emptiness there
As well into the future

Little Fox

Little fox where do you go?
Beyond the darken forest
To a cold delicious brook
To sip the water for a drink
Or across rocks and thorns
To find a den to keep kits safe.

Where do you go little fox?
Dancing and skipping in tall grass
As you play the day away
Or hiding from the hounds
That can howl miles away
Letting hunter s know your near.

All That’s Beautiful To A Blind Man

All that’s beautiful to a blind man
Is hearing the laughter of children
Jumping around at a nearby park;
Feeling the Sun’s rays giving warmth
On a beautiful day he can not see as birds sing,
He can hear their beautiful music;
Or bending to scratch the velvet head
Of his dog which helps him walk around town.
Smile crosses his face when roses fill the air
He may not see but can feel, touch, smell and hear
The beautiful that surrounds his ever being.

As fading–

light drains away like leeches
to darkness

which brings moon
in its pallor against
dark black drop of night

and now nocturnal music
awakens the night

singing softly in my ear.

It’s the immortal song of the night
with eerie wind which beckons

to call out loud ones name
only to bite its tongue instead

as music of the night
stirs my sleepy slumber

April is poetry month again and this prompt I like a lot. From April 13 here is link: poem and prompt