Old Room

Remembered just the same
Color of walls look still new
Day they got repainted
Along with carpet
Still soft under my toes

Bed I selected on still there
Tucked in the corner
With same coverings
Which kept me warm;
Safe from anything I knew

Room like it still was
Except items I had taken away
Posters down hidden somewhere
Lost but not forgotten
But still is my quite space

I lay there in bed now
Remembering my times here
Enjoying my brief stay
One more time; one more night
In my old room again

Busy Over The Home

Busy buzzing bee you are flying over the home
From one point to another you busy yourself
Housework making a home clean, presentable to all
Their flowers you take the honey making them clean;
Managing until it’s to your liking one chore at a time.
Refrigerator you store your honey food in,
Then harvesting, preparing it for your children and spouse
They come in, marvel what dish you make
Wings and a smile you are glad they enjoyed it
As honey meal disappears before your eyes.
Work at home mother with two little ones
Your life buzzes around; flying to keep everything in order
Which at end of day you’re satisfied all will work out
Until tomorrow when more busy buzzing work to do.

Mighty Storm

Mighty storm I bend to your knee
To dissuade your winds from using force
You bring destruction in your wake
Which I can hear the ground shake
Your rumble is heard for miles
Angry are you let your rage out
You wash your destruction with rain
Hoping to make it disappear
But your tears of rain turn into lakes
Causing more damage in your wake
Mighty storm secede your wrath
Bring your mighty forces to an end

Kale So Healthy

Kale is dry when it’s not cook
Cooking kale tastes soft–
Unless over done becomes crispy
Green leafy like little leaves of a tree
They are stripped bare from their stalk
Kale you tickle with your leafy head
Like mini trees against my nose
What smell is not seen,
But you and garlic are best friends
Bringing together your power
To give everyone a healthy vegetable.

Clang In Rhythm

Pots clang in rhythm somewhere downstairs
Rattling, scraping across hard floors
Middle of night I awake alerted to the noise
Fourth stair creaks out like a cello
Along with clanging pots in time
I follow music to kitchen, peek around corner
There I see the dog tripping over pots and pans;
Banging against open door;
Along with beating tail smacking against door
Looks up smiling with me with soulful eyes
A rough music that only a dog can make

On Gentle Wary Legs

On gentle wary legs trod sunset down through bare branches
Golden rays with red glow bring day to a close
Blinding disc hovers seconds before dipping
Silently below the distant horizon bringing darkness,
Inch by inch from blue to black with specks of lights,
Sunset goes to sleep under the stars of night
Until a sunrise calls again golden rays of warming sun.