Cloud Sail Across

I look out seeing clouds sail across endless sea of blue
Calmly floating by white sails whisping in the breeze
Sea clear not a ripple as clouds move by
No dark storms on horizon, just blue and white
Big and small clouds make their entrance
Then slowly sail away to where I don’t know

A Cold

What torture felt within
Breathing passageway block
With running, dripping sludge
Makes my head compress
Like a leaf my throat tickles
Soft blanket tissue I find
Momentarily relief I sigh
A smoothing drop in mouth
Reduces scratchyness within
Foe I have a sudden cold

Your Blossoms

Why are your blossoms late?
Is it frost that still lingers near
Sun hidden by cloudy skies
No warmth or light to grow
Or Sun shining to bright
Bringing no rain in sight
To feed your tender roots
Which will open your blossom
Why are your blossoms late?
Is it to early for you to open
For I can’t wait another moment
Your blossoms I want to pluck
Move in to smell your lovely scent
To hand out to others
Must you bloom late to tease
To let me linger waiting
Let your blossoms grow for me
Waiting is just sweet sorrow
Not seeing your beauty unfold before me

Loyal Companion

Dog, what makes you loyal companion
For you are always at my side?
Day and night we are together
I tell you secrets only you know
You don’t talk but I know what you want
I have known you since I was young
You have known me when just a pup
We have played, slept side by side
You are as loyal as they come
Dog, you are my loyal companion
For in you are the best of friends

Weaving Lines

What is poetry? With weaving lines
Where words banter each other
Seeing who can show imagery
With a slight of hand
Pulling metaphors, similes
Out of their magical hats
Painting pictures full of love
Then crying tears of sorrow
In storied fragmented verse
Short to the point, gathered together
Around poetry corners from far off places