5 Moon Haikus

Oh, lady light that shines
Through pocketed grey clouds of night
Why tis only the moon.

Silver beams rain down
Only the moon lights the path
On the wishing tree.

Moon will show its face
When full and rounded on nights
For only three times.

Why hide behind clouds
Moon will not show itself for
Stormy weather comes.

White pale in the sky
A round ball of streaming light
Moon brightens the night.

To Write Or Not To Write

To write or not to write that is the question
To suffer a blank page of worries down to the soul
But I can not fling the static noise I hear
Words try to fling themselves upon me
Their aim is off hitting the ground
They seep through yelling to be heard
Yet I hear not their cries to come dance upon my page
For they are words I do not seek
I look through the rambling vines of letters
Twisted like a forest I try to search for words I need
Yet they shrink from me lurking in shadows
Not wanting to be found by me
They laugh at the thought of giving me writers block instead

Music Comes

Distant words rumble along
Hoping to reach into strumming song
Flying fingers reach through strings
Adding notes with words that ring
Song fills empty air; everyone turns to stare
Now room is not so bare
Clapping to the beat
Everyone thinks music is sweet
Like melting chocolate in the mouth
They cup their hands and shout for more


Scars run on her surface, others
run deep into herself. Some
jagged rough mountainous peaks
run across her bow. Internal scars
may not heal, for her scars form
from within her shell. Others form
through time or human invention.
She still holds herself with pride and
every ounce of her being.

Life Of A Flea

Silently it lands on soft pink ground
It looks up through tall fine thin grass
Inch by inch it moves towards moist spot
On nimble six legs it moves forward
Reaches area it lets out a sigh
Bends it mouth down and clamps
World begins to shakes
It holds on tight with all it might
It nestled in for long ride
Even as a paw reaches through
Trying to scratch the enemy who came through

Gentle Hand

Gentle hands leads towards light
Wraps around my being
Encasing me with joy of leaving
A world I knew for so long
What’s on other side I do not know
I follow with new wonder
What will I see, who will I see
It will be a guessing game for me
No more pain and sorrow
For I will be wrapped with light
With gentle hands leading me towards light.

Your Leaves

Where have you gone for leaves are changing colors
Sun sinks behind leaving leaves brown, wilted
Falling to ground now piling with old leaves
I pick one up, it cracks, crumbling in my hand
Like a memory fading in distant wind
Will you come back or are you gone forever?
Leaves left on tree whisper your name
Until they fall silent, unplucking themselves
They too fall in spiral down to cold ground
I don’t dare touch for they too will crumble to dust
Leaving me with nothing left of you
I am now left staring at a naked tree
That once was full of leaves now gone
Are you really gone, gone forever?

Inside A Cell

I stand in quietness of an empty room
Peeling with age within in its dark interior
Musty smell lingers of many come and gone
Who once stayed their time
I close my eyes I can hear their voices
Shouting to one another through walls
Only a barred window and door they look out
I stay only long enough to take a picture
Before I feel invisible hands may want me
To be a part of their past too