City I Recant You

I have not lived by dazzling lights in night
Twinkling starlight, not found on the highways.
I have not lived among crowded walkways.
I don’t seek to be famous in limelight.
I am not an obsessive clothes shopper
Living crammed between sandwich houses
Have cause no heartbreak in the wee night hours
I have eaten fine steamed fresh lobster but
Tucked quietly away in local joint.
Open air I breathe life, no blocked skies
I live for grassy fields, as I surmise
A look to distant sky, the vantage point
I am cozy with a good book tonight
Gazing out open porch on starry night.


Silently staring ahead a dog like a lioness crouches
Moves slowly forward on silent paws towards game
Inch by inch closer they come to deer
No sound but lumbering human carrying the leash
Without a second glance dog lunges forward
Only to be detained by leash and collar
The stalker barks in frustration as deer bounds away.

5 Star Haikus

Stars in night glitter
Brightly as they are nothing
But specks in the sky.

Evening night brings out
Tiny, bright shining stars to
Dot the empty sky.

Wish on falling star
Streaking silently through night
As it falls to ground.

What fills stars to shine
Brightly in black skies of night
Even thou they are small.

Stars shine their love down
In beams of twinkling light
Are they deceased ones?


Everything has to be just right.
No miss guided step towards end
No stopping until it meets you qualifications.

You work until yours hands are sore
Blisters looming out of the dark corners
The cleaning of the house has to be done.

But every speck of dirt, every inch
Has to be clean to perfection
You alone have to make it perfect.

If one area doesn’t meet
You freak at it wishing it go away
But you clean, keep on cleaning
Till one day you collapse out of exhaustion
Trying to meet your idea of perfection.

The Corner

Other kids don’t see the child sitting there
      alone in the corner with arms wrapped so tightly
they may stick together like glue.
Child sits afraid to join in the so call fun
      of hanging on the bars, swing through the air with ease,
blending with fellow kids as one.
Child dares not move for what comes
       will be taunts, shoving, a fight perhaps?
Safer in the corner where shadows linger
       for no one wants to see dark shadows
show there true colors among the rest.
Better to be hidden where no one see you
        until the bell sounds to go back to class.

The Raccoon Keeps Returning

The raccoon keeps returning
to rummage garage bins.
A truck comes takes garage away.

More always arrive shortly after:
tossing boxes and bags over
he looks for leftovers we discard.
Always finding some snack
to nibble on the fortune left for him.

But why doesn’t he work for food?
Why does it come easy for him?

I ask this, who am myself this hard worker,
who has to work my tail off just to provide
as this free loader gets everything free of charge.

Young Wolf Rite of Passage

We float like ghost through trees
A blur against white snow deep
Leaving only the barest trail.

Silently we glide our steps onward to the call
The silent words echo only we hear
To start the rite of passage from young to adult.

We are young waiting for elders; it’s our time
We follow in their foot steps, programmed
To learn what happens this night.

We cloak ourselves against the dark
Watching our prize plodding forward
Unaware the doom will follow.

Silent cue we streak forward with gusto
Our prize in alarm flees but a second lost
We bring it down with our jaws.

Elders look please, we have won our right
To belong as one in the pack
We are now no young but adults.

Beauty Radiates

Your beauty radiates like blooming lilies
Opening their buds on first of spring
Their milky white heads peeled back
Showing their inner beauty
Colors of pinkish purple and red blend
Inside white peeled leaves
Dotted bumps etched inside like tattoos on skin
Dreamy is their look like you
With your wavy curls flowing
And your eyes filled with light
Like seeing stamen stalks
Rustling through wind
They say come see our inner beauty

Stay Near Me

Stay near me do not depart
I need your company for a start
My days are short yours are long
For you my dear are very young
I am old beyond my years
When I go there will be tears
Don’t cry because I’m gone
I will somewhere else having fun
So sit tight tonight my child
As I tell stories my life
We will all laugh together