Need Pencil And Paper

The accountant said, you need pencil and paper
For calculations reaching more then three digits.
Could do it in your head
But errors may occur,
So watch the numbers.
Perhaps a calculator would do the trick
But why rely on a device
We can do ourselves. It’s easy math.
Scratch out numbers, add them together
Get something new.
Another set multiply, check again is it right?
Numbers running through pages and pages.
Here we need to subtract
This item we bought last month;
Hanging on a wall watching
As we walk through the calculations.
Making sure books are right
No room for error
Tax day will be coming soon.
We should be prepare with correct figures.
Hopefully would be enough
To keep in the black again for another year.

Soaring Love [Revision]

Like eagle wings my love soars high in sky.
What love is this now, which enters my soul,
Will not sit idle watching it fly by
Should I pursue what would make my soul whole?

So new that I have never seen before.
Like a cloud I float high above the sky,
In a dreamy world of love I look for
Answers in my beating heart I ask why.

Finally will she be the one for me
Which sent my lonely soul soaring so high
Or will she stab, watching me fall to sea
Torn, broken heart shattered as she stands by.

No, She is the one we are intertwined
Our love will glide through with the flowing wind.

5 Flower Haikus

Buds open from sun
Radiating to dazzling
colorful flowers.

Flower opens with their
Petals dipped in bright color
Welcoming the day.

Roses like satin
Feel like silk between fingers
As its cut from ground.

Flowers wave in the
Meadow of watercolor
Upon grassy hill.

Tiny seed breaths life
To radiating, stunning
Beautiful flowers.

Taking Photos Is Poetry

Each time you wander outside into nature’s backyard
Bringing your camera and gear;
trudging along until you see it.
Hits you in the face,
You bring the camera up
snapping away as you take photos,
and still more,
knowing one of these will speak for itself.
At this grand moment your thoughts were prosaic.
In the eyes of mine,
you will get that perfect shot.

Ode To Colors

Sprinkles. Jelly beans. Skittles.
Bouquet of flowers. Bag of gemstones.
Eating candy hearts on Valentine’s Day.
Box of crayons. Paint chips. Walls marked up from drawing.
Palette swatches. Adobe Kuler. Play-doh. Watercolors.
Wrappers from Halloween candy. Christmas tree filled with ornaments.
Lego blocks. Kiddy rings. Box of buttons. My room.
Book of construction paper. Stacked books.
Bands on a girls braces from middle school.
The horse of a different color from Wizard of OZ.
Tropical fish. Painted bunting. Macaw Parrot talking.
Chameleons blending in surroundings.
Spectrum of light. Light through prisms.
Tie dye shirts from Seventies. Clothes. Reusable bags.
Yards of yarn. Phone protection covers.
Paintings. Wall decor.

A Dog Who Wants To Relax Outside

She stops in her tracks
Leash goes taunt
I turn to look back.

She sits down
Looks all around
I look at her with a frown.

I tug lightly;
Then a pull
She stand her ground tightly.

I coax, I go to make her stand
plop to ground laying down
She is trying to make a demand.

She wants to relax in shade;
To be outside instead of in
I say its to hot and try to dissuade.

I get her up and going
Walk her back to home
She is now easygoing.

And These Are My Dreams:

To be on a work schedule of my choosing
With an engaging, fun career making enough money
For a comfortable lifestyle;
Living in a ranch-style house
With a family including a dog or two,
Finding time to travel the ends of the world
Hoping to get lost in the history of seeing new cultures
Inspiring me to learn;
Perhaps back to school surrounded by never ending knowledge,
That I can choose to become who I am meant to be
In this world knowing,
One day Earth will be a happier, better place
As when I was a child I would lie in bed
Each night running over stories, movies
That had dreams come true
Hoping my dreams one day would do the same also.