Ode to Brown

Grizzlies. Moose. Hare. Animal pelts. Deer.
Floppy ears of beagles. Havana cats. Woodchuck.
Copper. Bronze. Jasper. Dried leaves of autumn.
Shiny bassoon. Shiny cello.
18th century house siding.
Swirling dust-bowl during Great Depression
producing barren land. Swaying bare branches at winter.
Stumps. Logs. Wood. Tree trunks.
Drifting hull of an old three mast ship.
Earth. Top soil. Bison. Walrus. Howler monkey.
Dripping melting chocolate. Melt in your mouth brownies.
Potato skins. Bread crust. A coconut shell.
Bagel fresh and toasted. Acorn top.
Hot day drink ice tea. Playing fiddle at a square dance.
Discover old worn, dated hard bound book at flea market.
Wet wine cork. Drinking beer late at night.
Baskets. Carrying leather briefcase to work.
Whipping belts.
Driving in back of uncle’s Volkswagen. UPS trucks.
Your eyes. Your hair. Her skin.
Muddy ground after rain. Muskets raining bullets.
Thanksgiving. Halloween. Almonds. Walnut.
Boxes. Paper bags
Pine cone. Skipping rocks.


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