Ode To Colors

Sprinkles. Jelly beans. Skittles.
Bouquet of flowers. Bag of gemstones.
Eating candy hearts on Valentine’s Day.
Box of crayons. Paint chips. Walls marked up from drawing.
Palette swatches. Adobe Kuler. Play-doh. Watercolors.
Wrappers from Halloween candy. Christmas tree filled with ornaments.
Lego blocks. Kiddy rings. Box of buttons. My room.
Book of construction paper. Stacked books.
Bands on a girls braces from middle school.
The horse of a different color from Wizard of OZ.
Tropical fish. Painted bunting. Macaw Parrot talking.
Chameleons blending in surroundings.
Spectrum of light. Light through prisms.
Tie dye shirts from Seventies. Clothes. Reusable bags.
Yards of yarn. Phone protection covers.
Paintings. Wall decor.


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