Catch Of The Day

It is foggy and calm where
I crawl back from my rocking small wooden boat
and motion myself to back up to your mouth.
I peel back the doors of the truck and begin
to tipsyload into your taste buds
the whole catch of paraphyletic cargo from deep waters.
Taster, I grill you
Salmon, Herbed-Crusted Tilapia, Spicy Colored Kutai.
Beer Battered Lake Perch and Mild Orange Roughy, Bony Atlantic Cod, slip
between wet fingers Slithering Eels. I gather bunch of Bluefin Tuna, Grouper,
handfuls of Black Macerel, California Halibut and Rainbow Button Trout.
I come with aquatic gills, lacking limbs Swordfish, ectothermic shiny
below shimmering moon on water glistening surface.
I come with mild school of Shrimp, Saute Snails, Whiskered Catfish
and hard-shelled tender Lobster,
All wanting to reach your fishing pot
For late dinner of mild, savory, salviaory, textureness.


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