Veritas Odit Moras

It happened because his actions spoke louder than words.
It happened because it always happens in due time.
It happened because he finally learned his lesson.
What was he thinking, not telling his mom the truth of the accident?
What could she said when she found broken pieces in the trunk?
He push the envelope of speed to roughly.
Blew him away when the deer collided on impact.
He should not have swept it under the rug.
Mom should of seen the jumpy look when he came home.
Mom gave the you’re going to get it look when she found out.
He knew he got it coming for him.
All bets were off for the new video game he wanted.
No point in beating around the bush any longer.
He had to spill the beans in what happen.
Mom should of focus on controlling her anger.
Yelling is not going to solve anything.
Why didn’t he keep his mouth shut and not talk back to her?
Punishment would have been less.
Why did mom not listen really hard to what he confess?
Why didn’t he listen to be careful while driving?
To busy playing video games instead of listening.
To busy enjoying the new wheels he got.
To busy about curfew; going to friends and getting drunk.
Why, why, didn’t he listen to his mom?
He should have called for designated driver.
He should of spent the night at the friends house.
He should not have gotten drunk.
Now his mom wouldn’t trust him anymore.
He should have did the right thing right away and told her.
Now he has to pay for the consequences.


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