Washing Dog In The Summer

We saw neighbor boy grabbed the collar;
     pushed his dog into kiddie pool filled with cool water.
She struggled against him trying to get out.
We laughed as boy managed with one hand to hold her down
     spraying her with hose with other hand.
Tongue rolled out she panted under hot sun of that summer.
Her fur soaked, she became slippery in his grasp
     as boy lathered shampoo on her from head to tail.
We saw her start wriggling as his soapy hands
     grabbed hose to rinse her off.
She spotted her escape; jumped out of pool.
Water, shampoo flung into the air.
Other side of fence; we watched her race around fence in-yard.
We chuckled as neighbor boy chased after her with hose in hand trying to corner her;
     to get her back to pool.
She thought it was a game,
     charging, weaving in and out away from him.
Boy lunged forward tripped, tangled in hose.
The dog looked like it was laughing at him mouth gaping open, comes over closer.
We watched as neighbor boy grabbed collar at last.
He got her back into pool, washed off the soap, grass, mud.
Neighbor boy finished, she shook her hold body,
     sprayed water all over him and the yard.
We smiled holding handing as boy laughed,
wrapping a towel around her.
Boy dried her off,
     now he has a clean dog who by end of the week will be dirty again.


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