Ode To Orange

Yams. Sweet Potato. Thanksgiving and Halloween themes.
Jack-o’-lantern. Autumn leaves. Part of a rainbow.
Life vests used on boats. Catch a sunset or sunrise.
Healthy orange juice filled with vitamin C.
Persimmons. Tangerine. Oranges. apricot. Mango chunks.
Clementines. Peaches. Mandarins oranges.
Traffic cones. Safety vest. Road Work Ahead sign.
The Detroit Tigers. Tigers with black stripes.
Tigger from Winnie the Poo. Garfield the cat.
Licking creamsicle. Orange sherbet.
Reese’s Pieces bag. Reese wrapper.
Cheetos. cheese balls. Peanut Butter Crackers.
Prescription Bottles. High Terror Alert Level.
Orangutan. Red river hogs. Maned wolf. Red panda.
Plaid. Paints. Part of the fire.
Goldfish. Starfish. clown fish. Duck’s Beak.
Carrot. Peppers. Butternut Squash.
Carrot Top hair. Bad Spray Tan. The Home Depot store.
Guinean cock-of-the-rock. Julius butterflies. Monarchs flying south.
California poppy. Daylily. Gerbera Daisy. Tiger Lilies.
Box of Wheaties. Throwing nerd balls.


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