Pumpkin Carving

Must be ripe, no blemish upon the surface
All orange, no dent all around
Sides ripple, bulge out on table under papers
Knife slices around top
Hands gently pulls the top off
Gooey glop, seeds spit out
While digging, scooping insides
Of your now hollow internal bulk
Ever so gently the knife caresses your side
Carving not one but two triangles side by side
Now staring out blankly across the room
Between them another triangle
Will breathe life with flickering light
Now for piece of art you are carved a smile
One you will wear when treaters come to your door
Ragged knife carves through you
No sound escapes your now parted lips
A toothy grin you give as sign of approval
So gently a candle lowers down your darken inside
Then with a flick a light comes alive
You glow with all your might
Now you are glowing piece of art


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