Looking Through The Window

I look out back window and a young child
of eight, running bases around the yard
wearing ball cap is my young self twenty-five years ago.
Laughing, having fun with cousins
chasing, hitting balls, playing baseball
not knowing in few years life will change;
puberty will come striking like a coiling snake
changing their life molding it into something else.

I want to step into the scene
tell myself not to worry;
to give advice about what will happen;
give hope to this happy child
before the happiness drains ways;
withering like a flower in hot dry sun.

I want to open the window
shout out stand up for yourself
but, no words come out of my mouth;
you are out of ear shot, as I watch
you enjoy your game of ball,
not knowing the hyenas will be nipping
at you heels in a few years.

Beaver Taking Wood Away

Beaver taking wood away
to build a new house.
Somewhere along the creek bed
where water flows deep.

He took the wood from loose boards
found in a pile waiting
for our new house to be built;
before we can settle in our cozy den.

But why take our wood? There are trees
where you plan to build.

Finding wood from disappearing forest
at a cost is hard now for you making
us pay more to finish our house instead.

Advice From Grizzly Bear

Maintain large vast territory
depending on where you live:
dense forests to sub-alpine meadows,
open plains and arctic tundra.
Stand on hunches and roar to scare off intruders.
Cougars will give you a wide berth.
Maintain solitary life until its mating time.
Scratch back against tree trunk; its fun.
Adapt to survive changing seasons.
Approach feeding predators to steal their kill;
They might leave when they see your impressive size.
Scavenge food or carrion left behind by other animals
Find rivers, lakes to feed on fish:
Salmon, trout, and bass when available.
Eat berries, nuts, grass and other plants
To supplement meat diet. Use long, curved claws
To dig up food; to slash food.
Consume an immense amount of food
To store it for winter hibernation.
Raid trash cans at campsites when food is scarce.
Be cautious when foraging food in human neighborhoods
Try to avoid humans. Prepare den for hibernation.
Wait for substantial snowstorm before entering den;
Will lessen chances of predators finding your den.
And sleep through winter cozy warm in den;
Body will take care of you through your hibernation time.

From Reading A Book

Sometimes I say I’m going to write a novel–
even though I can’t write a novel– just because it’s great
to be on the top of the bestseller charts. I’ve always thought so, ever since

I read novels myself which takes me to far off places
filled with unlimited possibilities of what could happen.
Today I was walking my dog, hoping an idea would wander

though my mind making me break into a smile. I bought
notebook and pen, but it has lain undisturbed gathering
dust on the floor by the bed. I thought I would get my

best ideas at night, because late in evenings my
brain is full of ideas bombarding me– remembering notebook,
I could try writing but, too tired to pick it up

hoping I would remember it the next morning–
only to let it slip though my fingers. I read more
hoping one of these days I could write like this but

knowing I would have to be content in imaging,
the stories in my head. Anyone one of these stories
could one day be mine at the top of the list.

Ode To Yellow

Hot sun
Moonlight. Theater spotlights. Flashlight beams.
Search lights finding someone in dark.
Crayon. One of many duplo blocks. Magic marker.
Wheat. Grains. Corn on the cob.
Flashing traffic lights for slowing going.
Eyes of wolves. Eyes of owls.
Fall leaves. Straw from scarecrows.
Singing canary. Goldfinch. Warbler.
Goldenrod Crab Spider.
Golden retrievers. Labradors. Carolina Dog.
Palomino horses. Cream cats.
Bees. Hornets wit stingers. Honey
Giraffe. Leopard. Cheetah.
Box of Cheerios.
Sunflowers. Buttercups. Daffodils.
School crossing sign. Slow sign. Deer sign.
Emergency Vehicle sign. Bicycle sign.
Slippery when wet sign.
Placing a injured in emergency truck.
Mustard. Cheese. Sour lemons.
Peppers. Morning scrambled eggs.
Butter. Bananas. Mac and Cheese.
Big bird from Sesame Street.
Bird’s feet. Golden compass.
Aged old maps.

Processed Candy Bars

I love your taste
But cannot eat you
For you’re mixed
With names I do not know.
I ate you when I was young
Not knowing what you really were.
Now I reject you
As I walk down isle
For now I leave healthy life
Eating fresh foods;
Names I know that are on the back
I still love you
But we must part ways
For taste is now sour in my mouth.