Advice From Grizzly Bear

Maintain large vast territory
depending on where you live:
dense forests to sub-alpine meadows,
open plains and arctic tundra.
Stand on hunches and roar to scare off intruders.
Cougars will give you a wide berth.
Maintain solitary life until its mating time.
Scratch back against tree trunk; its fun.
Adapt to survive changing seasons.
Approach feeding predators to steal their kill;
They might leave when they see your impressive size.
Scavenge food or carrion left behind by other animals
Find rivers, lakes to feed on fish:
Salmon, trout, and bass when available.
Eat berries, nuts, grass and other plants
To supplement meat diet. Use long, curved claws
To dig up food; to slash food.
Consume an immense amount of food
To store it for winter hibernation.
Raid trash cans at campsites when food is scarce.
Be cautious when foraging food in human neighborhoods
Try to avoid humans. Prepare den for hibernation.
Wait for substantial snowstorm before entering den;
Will lessen chances of predators finding your den.
And sleep through winter cozy warm in den;
Body will take care of you through your hibernation time.

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