Ode To Yellow

Hot sun
Moonlight. Theater spotlights. Flashlight beams.
Search lights finding someone in dark.
Crayon. One of many duplo blocks. Magic marker.
Wheat. Grains. Corn on the cob.
Flashing traffic lights for slowing going.
Eyes of wolves. Eyes of owls.
Fall leaves. Straw from scarecrows.
Singing canary. Goldfinch. Warbler.
Goldenrod Crab Spider.
Golden retrievers. Labradors. Carolina Dog.
Palomino horses. Cream cats.
Bees. Hornets wit stingers. Honey
Giraffe. Leopard. Cheetah.
Box of Cheerios.
Sunflowers. Buttercups. Daffodils.
School crossing sign. Slow sign. Deer sign.
Emergency Vehicle sign. Bicycle sign.
Slippery when wet sign.
Placing a injured in emergency truck.
Mustard. Cheese. Sour lemons.
Peppers. Morning scrambled eggs.
Butter. Bananas. Mac and Cheese.
Big bird from Sesame Street.
Bird’s feet. Golden compass.
Aged old maps.

Processed Candy Bars

I love your taste
But cannot eat you
For you’re mixed
With names I do not know.
I ate you when I was young
Not knowing what you really were.
Now I reject you
As I walk down isle
For now I leave healthy life
Eating fresh foods;
Names I know that are on the back
I still love you
But we must part ways
For taste is now sour in my mouth.

Penguin Travels [Version]

They waddle in their tuxedos
Straight line traveling to other home.
From coldest area world has known
They waddle forward heads held high.
Bellies full of food
Which they will store for food
They waddle onward towards other home.
For other home they travel
Is where they bring new life
Away from water edges
They will travel day and night.
They will travel far
To reach their home before a storm.