With pleading eyes you look at me
Trying to tell me, you want something.
You look at me then what’s in my hand
For what I have looks good to eat.
I cannot give you chocolate
For which is in my hand.
Its dangerous for a dog.

With pleading eyes you look at me
Trying to tell me, you want something.
You tip your head saying
It’s time to go home now.
I say wait I am almost done
With something on computer
You will just have to wait.

Sonnenizio on a Line from Lowell

History has to live with what was here,
No turning back; no withholding its secrets.
We must learn within the lines left behind
Knowing we can learn from history that withstand
Countless years holding knowledge within it’s grasp.
Without history what do we have then?
Nothing within to learn from our past
To learn from mistakes with which we make.
History has withstand sands of time
Each year layers will add within its lines
History will not wither but bloom like a flower
With more facts and knowledge pouring out
History has come to within the present here
No withdrawing back from there.

No Snowman

There is no snow to make a snowman
To add three circles large, medium and small.
No snow to pack against the circles
So they stick together; not to roll off.
There is no snow to make a snowman
Won’t be able to add carrot for nose
And black coals for eyes.
No black buttons to add on chest;
No sticks to stick in his side
No hat, scarf or pipe to make snowman come alive.
There is no snow to make a snowman
Even though it’s December.
Hopefully there will be snow
At beginning of this coming year.

5 Haikus Nature

Bare branches wave their
Forked hands as windy winds pick
Up for coming storm

Crystal blue lakes shine
Sparkles on warm summer day
Waiting for swimmers

Tall green grasses wave
Hello as I climb the hill
To play fetch with dog

Storm ends its rampage
As skies open to bring
Rainbow through the clouds

Single snowflake drifts
Down slowly to cold white ground
Disappears in pile

Lost Phone

I hear your ring
But can not find you
Where did I place my phone?
I looked in coat pockets
Then on table tops
Where did I place my phone?
I checked each room
The sound fades in some
I know it is not in there
Where did I place my phone?
I looked to chair
no it is not there
But near the couch it is loud and clear.
There you are my missing lost phone
Let’s see who has called us now.

Ode To Green

Praying mantis. Fuzzy caterpillar.
Tadpoles. Jumping frog. Turtles.
Symbolize the Earth. Agriculture. Fertility.
Zucchini. Beans. Pepper. Pickle.
Broccoli. Celery. Cucumber. Peas.
St. Patrick Day Hat. Leprechaun. Shamrocks.
Spring leaves. Ferns. Tall grasses.
Pine trees. Evergreen Trees. Tallest redwood.
Lawn. Hose. cactus. Slime.
Chalkboards. Girl scout sash.
Plastic bottles. Recycle symbol.
Luna moth. Kakapo.
Iguanas. Snakes. Anaconda.
Eye color. Hair dye.
Lettuce. Avocado. Artichoke.
Holly. Christmas garland. Ivy.
Statue of Liberty. Traffic Light means GO.
Grapes. Lime. Apple. Pears. Unripe bananas.
Driving signs. Highway exit sign,
Bike route sign. Parking signs.
Emerald City from Wizard OZ.
Emerald Necklace.

Discontent Watching

I regret I was late to watch your kids.
I was stalking a tiger in the wild jungle
With only a stick and a camera
Taking pictures of the cat.
I regret I was late to watch your kids.
I was on my way to pick up ear plugs
From a desert island far away
For you see kids are noisy like howling dogs
Baying beneath the golden moon.
Truth is I don’t know how to watch kids.
For they are always on the go
Like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going.
I am not a disciplinarian.
I am the dog.
I am the one who wants no rules
To play all day with your kids.
You think I could watch your kids
But I am only a dog
Who eats, sleep, and play
Doing things on my own timetable.