Dog’s Thank You For Christmas Decorations

Thank you for bringing home a fresh scented tree
placing it so carefully in the stand filled water.
Another watering bowl I may use to lap the water.
To bad the branches are not low enough
To mark my territory on; I guess I do it on the stand.
Thanks for the garland you draped so carefully around
the railings. It will be a great game to tug them off
when you go out shopping for your gifts.
Thank you for plush toys of Santas and snowmen
for their stuffing will come out in minutes; even though
I would prefer the squeaky kind the best.
Thanks for the ornaments for they will be broken
when I race around the tree at top speeds
hoping to knock the tree down and watch them fall.
Thank you for the Christmas decorations
for before Christmas begins; they will
litter your home as I reek havoc on them.


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