Ode To Green

Praying mantis. Fuzzy caterpillar.
Tadpoles. Jumping frog. Turtles.
Symbolize the Earth. Agriculture. Fertility.
Zucchini. Beans. Pepper. Pickle.
Broccoli. Celery. Cucumber. Peas.
St. Patrick Day Hat. Leprechaun. Shamrocks.
Spring leaves. Ferns. Tall grasses.
Pine trees. Evergreen Trees. Tallest redwood.
Lawn. Hose. cactus. Slime.
Chalkboards. Girl scout sash.
Plastic bottles. Recycle symbol.
Luna moth. Kakapo.
Iguanas. Snakes. Anaconda.
Eye color. Hair dye.
Lettuce. Avocado. Artichoke.
Holly. Christmas garland. Ivy.
Statue of Liberty. Traffic Light means GO.
Grapes. Lime. Apple. Pears. Unripe bananas.
Driving signs. Highway exit sign,
Bike route sign. Parking signs.
Emerald City from Wizard OZ.
Emerald Necklace.


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