Lilies Watch

White water lilies drift upon the pond
Each wearing a green lily pad
They are silent watchers
To folks walking up a white wooden bridge
Watching them stop and stare at them
Lilies watch others come
And sit beneath overgrown willow tree
Taking out blankets and food to have lunch
Lilies drift upon the pond
Watching all who stop by on a summer’s afternoon

Swing Set

Rusty old gray swing set sits forgotten in backyard;
No children to run and climb on;
A vacant swing sits neglected
Where once a child tried to see how high they’d reach the sun.
No little hands to swing from bar to bar;
Or to dangle upside down trying not to fall.
Forgotten it sits;
For the children have grown and moved away.

5 Haikus of Sun and Moon

Sun melts snow to wet
Puddles which shimmer sparkles
From afternoon sun

Moon’s light glows through night
Shining beams down to brighten
A forest party

Golden sun shines its
Brightest at noon when full in
Blue sky by itself

Moon tonight looks like
White cheddar cheese with many
Nooks and deep crannies

Sun and moon meet when
Ones rises and one falls on
Sunset and sunrise

Mushroom Barely Soup

Chop the garlic; chop the carrots; chop mushrooms up.
Heat oil in a pot on medium to high heat.
Throw in garlic, throw in carrots throw in mushrooms;
Throw in some fresh thyme twigs.
Stir awhile till carrots are nice and tender.
Add three fourth of barley
Stir in a couple cups vegetable broth
Cover but not all the way
Then simmer and wait thirty minutes or more
Till barley is good and tender.
Then lade soup in a bowl
For it will warm you on a cold winter day.

Going Out In Bitter Cold

Bitter cold bites through air
Must bundle up to keep warm
Outside we go; dog and I.
She is lucky doesn’t need
Much bundling as I do.
All she needs when biting cold
Is winter coat and blue booties.
Me, I am bundle from head to foot:
Warm boots, scarf for face and gloves;
Also winter coat and hat to help with warmth.
I say hurry do your stuff
But she would rather stay out to play.
I am cold; she is not
Sometimes I wish I could have her fur.
Then I would spend longer with her
So we can run and play.

Plucking Stars

I pluck the stars from the night sky
They twinkle bright upon my open hand
They feel like stardust so refine
I close my hand and bring them to you
So you could wish upon a star
In your little hand I give you
A fist of stars from the night
You make your wish; then fling them back
Your wish you finally make
Now the stars will give you
What you wished tonight

Ode To Blue

Water. swimming pool. ocean. Rivers. Lakes.
Reusable grocery bags. Plastic bags.
Recycle can or box.
Sky. Flame.
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Blueberries. Mussels. Lactarius indigo mushroom.
One in two million lobsters.
Dell logo. HP logo. WordPress logo. Facebook logo.
Prussia uniforms from 1706.
Continental Army uniform. Union uniform during Civil War.
Forget-me-not flower.
My sister’s eyes.
Blue Jay. Turquoise Honeycreeper. Robin eggs. Crowned Pigeon.
Heron. Morpho butterfly. Ulysses butterfly.
Earth. Neptune. Uranus.
Crab. Poison dart frog. Largest whale. Ribbon eel.
Linckia laevigata Sea Star.
Lear’s Macaw. British Shorthairs.
Dog booties my dog wears in winter.
Nestle logo. IHop logo.
Cookie Monster. Avatar creatures. Stitch. Smurf.
Ink. Toothpaste.
Indigo. Periwinkle. Denim.
Rest Area sign. Vending Machine sign. Picnic Area sign.
Tourist Info Center sign. Weather Info sign.
General Service signs. Specific Information Logo signs.
Historic Street signs.
Sapphire. Azurite. Hauyne. Kyanite.