Ode To Blue

Water. swimming pool. ocean. Rivers. Lakes.
Reusable grocery bags. Plastic bags.
Recycle can or box.
Sky. Flame.
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Blueberries. Mussels. Lactarius indigo mushroom.
One in two million lobsters.
Dell logo. HP logo. WordPress logo. Facebook logo.
Prussia uniforms from 1706.
Continental Army uniform. Union uniform during Civil War.
Forget-me-not flower.
My sister’s eyes.
Blue Jay. Turquoise Honeycreeper. Robin eggs. Crowned Pigeon.
Heron. Morpho butterfly. Ulysses butterfly.
Earth. Neptune. Uranus.
Crab. Poison dart frog. Largest whale. Ribbon eel.
Linckia laevigata Sea Star.
Lear’s Macaw. British Shorthairs.
Dog booties my dog wears in winter.
Nestle logo. IHop logo.
Cookie Monster. Avatar creatures. Stitch. Smurf.
Ink. Toothpaste.
Indigo. Periwinkle. Denim.
Rest Area sign. Vending Machine sign. Picnic Area sign.
Tourist Info Center sign. Weather Info sign.
General Service signs. Specific Information Logo signs.
Historic Street signs.
Sapphire. Azurite. Hauyne. Kyanite.


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