Lion Rest Lazy Under Tree

Lion rest lazy under tree
waiting for its meal to come to him.
He’s too heavy to chase down prey;
He relies on loneliness to provide.
Looks like he sits on a throne
waiting for subjects to give gifts;
a meal that would satisfy him
for the rest of day
as he lounges beneath the shady tree
gazing at his vast territory.

New Book Coming Soon: 110 Haiku Poems

Sorry no poem today, I am in the process of finishing another poetry book called 110 Haiku Poems. The poems are all use the haiku form and almost all except for the last section are based on nature and the seasons. The last section has love, life, haiku from dog’s point of view and ruby shoes haiku poem set. I am working on both print and eBook so I can have both out once everything looks good. Once they are ready I will post the links to where they can be found at and what other places you can find the book. Look for more information in a couple a weeks on when the book will be ready. Thanks to all who have enjoyed reading my poetry.

Chocolātl [Revision]

You stand before me your sweetness in your face.
I cannot stand waiting anymore;
Waiting to buy just an ounce of what awaits in your wrapper.
Your dark layers hide what I know is inside
Hoping this time we can savor the moment
Before you disappear again in my mouthwatering mouth.
You make my love for you ever stronger than ever
As I grab you now,
Slowly peeling away your wrapper covering
To look what tender sweetness awaits for my mouth.
Your milky, creamy taste is left upon my lips
Taste bitter and sweet to my mouth.
I continue my love to your ever disappearing being.
You are gone now, nothing left but the wrapper;
But your lingering taste upon my mouth
Leaves me with trying to find another one just like you again.

5 Haikus Clouds

Cotton puffy clouds
Drift aimless across morning
Light blue quite skies.

Clouds billow up to
Form a raging gray rain storm
Filled with rain droplets.

Clouds in the sky take
On shapes of animals or
Objects which float by.

Wispy clouds streak in
Sky like a sketch drawing, one
By Mother Nature.

Drifting across sky
Clouds take their time reaching to
Their destination.

What is life, What is death?

What is life, What is death?
Are they the sun and moon?
Is life the sunrise?
And death the sunset?
The sun with rays of light
Shine upon the world.
The moon a glowing orb
Casts nightly shadows with no words.

What is life, What is death?
Are they day and night?
Is life bringer of happiness and fun?
And death the bringer of doom and gloom?
The day is full of new beginnings
What sometimes are unexpected.
The night brings empty darkness
Which seems to never end.

What is life, What is death?
Are they one and the same?
Do they mix themselves together
Then unroll with one on either end?
Life to start the new
And death to end in time.
Do I understand now what is life, what is death?
Only by the end of time may I know.

Ode To Purple

Violets. Irises. Lilacs. Lavender.
Yahoo’s logo. Wonka’s logo. Hallmark Logo.
Sea Urchin. Queenfish. Ochre Sea Star.
My computer book bag. Cover of my Amazon Kindle.
Grapes. Juicy plums. Figs. Passion fruit. Raisins.
Shark vacuum. Road signs at Disney.
My dog’s travel bag. My dog’s leash. My dog’s collar.
My dog’s snow coat for winter weather.
University of Mount Union school colors.
Baltimore Ravens uniform. Lakers Basketball jerseys.
Colorado Rockies uniform.
Barney the dinosaur.
Eggplant. Turnips. Red Cabbage.
Jelly with my peanut butter sandwich.
King’s royal robes. Royalty. An emperor’s sash.
Military medal for wounded in combat.
Neon Lights