Ode To Purple

Violets. Irises. Lilacs. Lavender.
Yahoo’s logo. Wonka’s logo. Hallmark Logo.
Sea Urchin. Queenfish. Ochre Sea Star.
My computer book bag. Cover of my Amazon Kindle.
Grapes. Juicy plums. Figs. Passion fruit. Raisins.
Shark vacuum. Road signs at Disney.
My dog’s travel bag. My dog’s leash. My dog’s collar.
My dog’s snow coat for winter weather.
University of Mount Union school colors.
Baltimore Ravens uniform. Lakers Basketball jerseys.
Colorado Rockies uniform.
Barney the dinosaur.
Eggplant. Turnips. Red Cabbage.
Jelly with my peanut butter sandwich.
King’s royal robes. Royalty. An emperor’s sash.
Military medal for wounded in combat.
Neon Lights


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