Peppermint Patties

In bowl coconut oil is scooped to one half cup
Raw golden honey; two teaspoons only drizzle slowly in
One half teaspoons of vanilla extract added to the mix
Don’t forget one half teaspoon peppermint extract
To give the peppermint taste it needs
Then sprinkle one-fourth teaspoon sea salt unrefined
Mix together until all combined
Patty out mixture; twelve will do place on pan
Now it’s ready to freeze ten minutes all is needed
In meantime melt one-third cup chocolate baking chips
Allow to chocolate to cool when done
Now take patties dip and cover over chocolate
Until every inch is covered
Then when twelve are drenched
Return to freezer to let the coating set
Once done; time to dive in your peppermint patty

You’re Back!

Door opens you stand there arms stretch
I prance, I run to open arms
You fall down, joyous to see me
I jump into your arms;
Stay there snuggled against you
Your scent coming back into my nose.
You came back to get me;
Out of staying in boarding
I know not how many days.
I look at you to say lets go
And led you out; lets be on our way.

Imagination [Revision]

Into the world of imagination
Which runs wild as the rivers yonder
Where water change with every flow
Imaging new worlds unfold with each story.
New images of imaging come and go on the fly
Like eagle wings they gain momentum
Into the air; they are set free.
Imagination never ends–
They grab you when least except
To unravel into stories
Now dive into the world of imagination
And fly into their opening arms.

5 More Dog Haikus

More dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

I nudge you it’s time
To take me outside for walk
But you don’t hurry

Please throw the ball now,
I jump excited to grab
In my open mouth

I hear door open
I run to see who it is–
It’s finally you

Did I hear bath time?
Must run away and hide from
Getting my fur wet

Lounge around all day
Life as a dog is great as
I sleep paws stretched out

Moon Looks like Milk

O, you moon which looks like creamy milk.
Moon beams shine down on the Earth,
Like a spotlight from up above
You give light in the darkest of places.
Your looks of indented surfaces
Look like a cookie that is too good to eat.
I wish I could take you down
To eat your delicate surface.
But no I won’t;
I will gaze upon your whiteness for as long as I can
Letting your shining light wash over
And let it illuminate within me instead.

Ode To White

Snow leopard
Arctic fox. Polar bears.
Snow. Ice. Frost. Igloo.
Sheet of paper. Envelopes.
Lab coats. Chef’s hat. Navy uniform.
Old man beard. Bleach blond hair.
Teeth. Toothbrush bristles. Dental floss.
Baking Powder. Powder sugar. Baking soda.
Cottage cheese. Cream cheese. Milk. Cauliflower.
Elephant’s ivory tusks that are worth too much.
Penguin bellies sliding on snow.
Puffy clouds in sky. Sunlight streaming down.
Dove. Seagulls. Chinese Egret.
Ghosts that go boo. Magical unicorn too.
Vanilla ice cream. Whip cream. Sour cream.
Marshmallows. Popcorn.
Inside a York peppermint patty.
First aid tape for sprain ankle.
Cast for broken bones.
Styrofoam. Blank billboards.
Background of product barcode.
Winter. Snowflakes.
Ice rink floor. Crosswalk.
USPS mail trucks. Presidential Mansion.
Rabbit. Sheep. Goat. Swan. Ducks. Chickens. Egg shells.
Dalmatian puppy without spots.
Golf Balls. Candle wax. Kleenex.
Toilet. Toilet paper. Lots of shaving cream.
Talc. Chalk for chalkboards.
Picket Fence. Weddings. Ocean foam.
Expensive lace. Pricey pearls.
Ancient bones in a desert.
Salt. Rice. Mayo on a sandwich.
Harvesting cotton from the field.
Calcium. Zinc.
Quartz. Limestone.
Beluga whale.