Ode To White

Snow leopard
Arctic fox. Polar bears.
Snow. Ice. Frost. Igloo.
Sheet of paper. Envelopes.
Lab coats. Chef’s hat. Navy uniform.
Old man beard. Bleach blond hair.
Teeth. Toothbrush bristles. Dental floss.
Baking Powder. Powder sugar. Baking soda.
Cottage cheese. Cream cheese. Milk. Cauliflower.
Elephant’s ivory tusks that are worth too much.
Penguin bellies sliding on snow.
Puffy clouds in sky. Sunlight streaming down.
Dove. Seagulls. Chinese Egret.
Ghosts that go boo. Magical unicorn too.
Vanilla ice cream. Whip cream. Sour cream.
Marshmallows. Popcorn.
Inside a York peppermint patty.
First aid tape for sprain ankle.
Cast for broken bones.
Styrofoam. Blank billboards.
Background of product barcode.
Winter. Snowflakes.
Ice rink floor. Crosswalk.
USPS mail trucks. Presidential Mansion.
Rabbit. Sheep. Goat. Swan. Ducks. Chickens. Egg shells.
Dalmatian puppy without spots.
Golf Balls. Candle wax. Kleenex.
Toilet. Toilet paper. Lots of shaving cream.
Talc. Chalk for chalkboards.
Picket Fence. Weddings. Ocean foam.
Expensive lace. Pricey pearls.
Ancient bones in a desert.
Salt. Rice. Mayo on a sandwich.
Harvesting cotton from the field.
Calcium. Zinc.
Quartz. Limestone.
Beluga whale.


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