You radiate your petals like rays of the sun
Waving in the wind saying hello at passerby
Like a child you grow from bud to be mature
You are like angels with own golden orb
Sitting atop gazing at others below singing
Your own glorious song of coming summer
A center of brown fuzz looks like chocolate; is to good eat
Like corn stalks your stems are long rising high to sky
I could get lost among you in field of many
Your petals shine as cars do on a bright shinny day
Humor like clowns; you lift my spirit when I am blue
Just by your sunny petal head
When no wind you stand like a statue
Watching as the world goes by
You could be loyal as dog
I will pick you and bring you home to stay

Day 5, April Poem: Choose a flower, a bird, or tree and write a poem that compares it to 10 other things that are not flower, bird, or tree.


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