Computer Attachment

Everyday I use you, tapping at your keys to get stuff done.
I look into your screen to read documents, pages which
Somehow with one click of a button appear out of nowhere.
But we have a love, hate relationship you and I.
I get frustrated when you run slow
Or unable to open pages quickly
I yell at you but you don’t listen, no feelings you share back.
When you fail to connect to internet,
I blame you even though could be something else.
On days I love you, I am glad I can get things done.
No worries on having to writing a handwritten letter
When using you the email is much more faster.
I get lost in the hours with you
Not realizing hours have gone by.
When I am on vacations, I try to take you with me.
Sometimes I can’t and be detached for days
Makes wish I would have brought you too.
I feel attached at the hip,
Since I constantly use you day and night
Only to take short breaks to rest my eyes
From your piercing, hovering stare.

Day April 9 poem: Write a poem about your attachment to (or detachment from) an electronic device.


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