Ode To Black

Newspaper print
Clarinet. Mournful oboe.
My camera. My cabinet full of DVDs.
Stalking panther. Curious bear. Gorilla sitting calmly.
Long stretch limousine. My winter coat.
Coal for fire. Beating out iron.
Shiny Onyx. Obsidian shards.
Rounded olives. Pepper sprinkled on a dish.
Coffee beans. Oreo cookie. Tasty licorice.
Videotape. A friends hair. Another friend’s eyes.
Scampering squirrel. Large eye aye-aye. Flying fruit bat.
Crackling crow. Spooky raven. Witch’s cat.
Grand expanse of outer space.
Charcoal. Ink that spilled. Sticky tar.
Tasmanian Devil. Deadly scorpion. Creeping widow spider. Ants.
Swimming seals. Penguin’s sleek body. Trumpeting swans.
Tuxedos for fancy event. Darth Vader’s outfit.
Labrador retriever. Schnauzer. Swedish lapphund.
Scottish terrier. Big newfoundland.
Statue of Anubis. Funeral clothing.
Background of pirate’s flag whipping in the wind.
Zebra’s stripes. Spots on dalmatian.
Dots on white dice.
Midnight sky.


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