Possibilities And Learning

Bodies of water shapes you.
The vast Atlantic Ocean containing many
possibilities, or small ponds
where variety is almost none existent
to hopefully pray for rain to make a trail
to the Cuyahoga river just down to road;
which will empty down the path to
Lake Erie where you can then swim
to the ocean finding more opportunities
than never before had existed in
your small town.

Animals shape you.
The wolves gathering
together to teach young pups how
to hunt for their food; as to teach them
how to be independent for themselves.
The pups licking their elders
to show respect and affection;
everyone should get along in a pack;
they rarely have family arguments
as they help with chores, child-rearing
around their den.

Teachers shape you.
They nurture our skills, our talents,
our voices to help us on the road
to adulthood. They are the ones
setting examples of behavior
being the rule enforcers.
Given the lectures they watch
us absorb everything like a sponge
reciting, writing what we have learned
from them. They are the ones we
go to learn from, lean on, our
mentors helping us to the wider world beyond.

Beginnings shape you.
Seeds in fresh ground growing
after a rain to small buds
which will open into flowering flowers
in warm spring weather, then the cycle
repeats again and again;
then you realize starting over
is not a bad idea after all.

April 18th poem: Cities, Families, Lovers and Endings shape us, says Montonaro. Write a four-stanza poem using her stanza form or one you invent that examines how four of these shape us: Bodies of Water, Teachers, Enemies, Animals, Diseases, and/or Beginnings.


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