Praise To God

All praises to God most high
Because of the bounty he gives,
Cascading into endless love.
Doing what he does best with
Everlasting love watching over us like a
Father protecting a child,
God is always there for us.
He is forgiven, he is stern,
In him you can shine too.
Joyous songs to praise his name,
Knowledge and kindness he will give to those who
Listen to his words.
Many praises to God on high,
Names he has many but he is only one.
Open your arms and let him in,
Praises to the God on high.
Quietly, he watches us from afar
Rejoicing when we are happy;
Sad when we turn away, but
Trusting that we will do what’s right.
Under him we have a place to rest,
Vast heaven that waits all of us.
Wisdom of words from the bible he gives
X-ray vision he can see to our hearts,
Yearning for us to give back,
Zion is God and praises to his name.


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