Memorial Day Scare

Memorial Day has come again
I hope my owner lets me stay in.
For once I was taken to parade;
Too much noise and people, scared was I.
I kept close, too many people
To cemetery we went after parade.
People listen to a service
I know not what was said
But music was heard
And whipping flags seen flying;
Then terrible popping noise frightened me
I bolted under car near me.
My owner and others tried to coax me out
But, no I wouldn’t too scare to come out.
So now when flag bandana is put on me again
My owner knows I shouldn’t go
For I was scared the last time I went
On Memorial Day not so long ago.

Face Of A Car

Faces look out with huge clear eyes
Each different because of size and shape.
Their smooth shiny skin reflect rays of light
The faces of some have grilled teeth huge or small
Others have barely none at all.
Some look like they smile while others look neutral.
They wait silently as we walk up and down
Trying to decide which one we should take home.
They just stare at us blankly
No expression in their face.

Ode To Pink

Rose. Tulip. Cherry blossoms.
Rose quartz. Morganite.
A ballerina’s tutu. Ballet shoes.
Skin of a newborn baby. Baby girl’s room.
Inside of Victoria’s Secret store.
Cotton candy. Inside of a raspberry rose soufflé.
Cherry limeade sorbet. Cherry cordial macarons.
Lip stick. Tongue. Bubble gum.
Piglets. Pigs. Queen conch.
Naked mole-rats. Web-footed gecko.
Ham. Shrimp. Salmon.
Breast cancer ribbons.
Nudibranch a marine gastropod mollusk.
Known as color of love. Associated with femininity.
Amazon river dolphin. Sea anemone.
Bunny costume Ralphie wore from Christmas Story.
Jackets the ladies wore in Grease.
Flamingos. Roseate spoonbill. Axolotl.
Portuguese man-of-war. Katydid nymphs.
Bargibant’s pygmy seahorse.
Elephant hawk moth.
Orchid mantis.

Why Do You Sleep So Much

Why do you sleep so much dog?
Every time I see you are quiet
Lying on your side, eye closed
Either in middle of room
Or curled up on your bed.
You don’t do much;
Except for few burst of energy
To play, to run or to go for a walk.
Your other activities like window watching
They don’t require too much energy from you.
Is it because you are bored with nothing to do.
I wonder why you sleep so much,
I was going to ask but you have dozed off.

River Washes Away The Dirt And Grime

River washes away the dirt and grime
Never ceasing, constant cleaning to do
So we can see clean water every time

Day and night, river cleaning on a dime
Sparkling for nature so we can see through
River washes away the dirt and grime

Every inch is covered with dirt and slime
But the river will always make it through
So we can see clean water every time

River cleans from the morning through bedtime
Never stopping, has too much work to do
River washes away the dirt and grime

Every year river washes a longtime
Spraying cold water, washing rocks of goo
So we can see clean water every time

River wants to be clean for a lifetime
For all to enjoy and even for you
River washes away the dirt and grime
So we can see clean water every time

Colored Patchwork

Stitched together from squares of colored patchwork
A homemade quilt lies folded upon the bed
Each square unique in some way to tell a story maybe
Or to display the objects that one loved
Who wanted to embroidered them in quilt which would last a life time
A yellow sun to brighten the day;
A forest of green trees of where one traveled;
A pink and blue iris in bloom;
A black curly coated dog;
A orange pumpkin with a black smile;
A red heart of love;
Just a few squares that lie imprinted upon the homemade quilt
Embroidered with love many years ago