Ode To Gray

Rhinos. Lemurs. Koalas.
Wolves an endangered specie.
Someone eyes. My Grandma’s hair.
Grandpa’s dog tags he wore during World War II.
Stainless steel appliances.
Utensils. Cookie sheets.
Smelly garbage cans.
Steel. Tin. Nickel. Platinum.
Slacks. Dress suits.
Our brain.
A color “without color”.
Skin of what an alien maybe.
Sharks. Whale. Narwhal.
Dolphins. Manta Rays. Seals.
Cement. Concrete. Gravel. Pebbles.
Crawling pill bug. Mouse. Donkey.
Kookaburra. Harpy Eagle.
Haze. Fog. Mist. Cloudy day.
A thunder shirt for a scare dog.
Confederate uniforms during American Civil War
Volcanic ash from volcano. Gibeon meteorite.
Smoke from a fire. Slate. Bars of silver.
Baseball jersey for away team.
Irish Wolfhound. Weimaraner.
A Russian Blue. Chartreux cat.
World War II battleship fighting in the Pacific.
College hoodie. My sweatpants.
Hairstreak butterfly. American Snout butterfly.
Storm clouds. Sky when dreary.


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