Open Your Heart [Revision]

Go open your closed heart; let your love pour
In filling your empty soul full to top
Let it seep in; don’t wait for it to stop
Now ,for your love this time will start to soar.
Unbound your love and let love bound away
Watch it skipping, hopping through tall grasses
Try to keep up through narrow passes
For your love won’t leave; but will find the way.
Love will find its home this day either way
Through open windows or the open door
Straight to any heart it will find to pour
Into soul; love finds you this very day.
Love will enter you with might and gusto
For you had lost it from so long ago

Revised as my attempt to do a sonnet from what the original was like. The poem uses the rhyming scheme of abba cddc effe gg.

Praise To God Again

Almighty are you awesome God
Beauty and bounty you give freely
Caring, creator we praise your name
Divine, God we thank thee
Exalt your name most high
Finding us when we are lost
Great are you oh, God
Healer and helper in time of need
In thee we praise your name
Justice and stern you lead us onward
Kindness you always show in your heart
Listening and loving us through tough times
Mighty counselor, merciful God are you
Names you have many but you are only one
O, God you are the Omega and the Alpha
Prince of Peace, we praise your name
Quick you come on the rush of the wind
Redeeming us of all our sins
Surly you are our savior God
Testing, trusting us in many ways
Universe is your domain
Vast and endless you ride victorious
Worthy is the lamb, we will praise your name
X-ray vision you see through our hearts
You hold broken ones; then mend them hold
Zion are you God, give praises to thy name

The Bearded Iris

From the brown soft ground BeardedIris
Rising from below
A stem of green peaks out
Basking in the golden sun
Drinking in the rays of light.

A bud begins to grow
From growing green stem
Drinking in the water
From passing storm clouds.

Purple, pink, yellow iris
Unveils itself to all to see
After receiving helping hand
From nature’s resources
Which pitch in to make flowers grow.

5 Even More Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Tricks I do for you,
I shake, roll over, leave it,
Can I have treat now

I roll in tall grass
Cause it smells stinky, but you
Look on in disgust

I nudge you with snout
Cause it’s time to feed me now
Can’t wait for dinner

Run around I go
From one room to another
Zooming fast past you

Put hand closer for
I want to lick and lick it
Until it is clean

Ode To Gray

Rhinos. Lemurs. Koalas.
Wolves an endangered specie.
Someone eyes. My Grandma’s hair.
Grandpa’s dog tags he wore during World War II.
Stainless steel appliances.
Utensils. Cookie sheets.
Smelly garbage cans.
Steel. Tin. Nickel. Platinum.
Slacks. Dress suits.
Our brain.
A color “without color”.
Skin of what an alien maybe.
Sharks. Whale. Narwhal.
Dolphins. Manta Rays. Seals.
Cement. Concrete. Gravel. Pebbles.
Crawling pill bug. Mouse. Donkey.
Kookaburra. Harpy Eagle.
Haze. Fog. Mist. Cloudy day.
A thunder shirt for a scare dog.
Confederate uniforms during American Civil War
Volcanic ash from volcano. Gibeon meteorite.
Smoke from a fire. Slate. Bars of silver.
Baseball jersey for away team.
Irish Wolfhound. Weimaraner.
A Russian Blue. Chartreux cat.
World War II battleship fighting in the Pacific.
College hoodie. My sweatpants.
Hairstreak butterfly. American Snout butterfly.
Storm clouds. Sky when dreary.