What Are You Doing This Summer?

What are you doing this summer?
Are you a student out on summer break
Enjoying a couple months of freedom
From studying and endless tests
Are you going on vacation
Away from nine to five job
To sit back and relax
On a beach or take a road trip
Away from the work life
Are you spending more time outside
Walking or playing with your dog more
Are you enjoying the warm sun
While lying near the poolside
What are you doing this summer,
I know summer for me
Is time to go out and ice cream
Before fall comes knocking on our doors again

Ode To Rainbow

You appear after a rainstorm in your entire splendor
Bright and colorful you are to those that see you
Six colors you have: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
They blend one into another to create your beauty
You bring a smile to my face when I see you
Wondering why Mother Nature made you so
They say you have a pot of gold at your end
But it would take years to see if it’s true
I wish to take my hand; bring you down
So I can hold you and touch your colors
You, rainbow, are the joys of children laughing
You radiate love, new life and joys
I wish I could see you every day
But you fade after a while when skies are bright
Then must wait for another storm to see your beauty
It could be days, months till you come
I will wait patiently for when the time comes
To see your colors radiate dark skies again

Sleep My Child [Revision]

Go to sleep my child,
For the night is very cold.
I will watch over thee,
And guard you in my hold.
You are very small right now,
So I will guard you well.
I hope that when I am old,
I will be guarded just as well.

Go to sleep my child,
For you are drowsy I see.
I will be here in the morning,
When you rise and greet me.
In the night I will be near,
In case you wake and need me.
Just remember I am here,
To keep you cozy and comfy.

Sleeping Dreaming Dog

I lay on my side, four paws out
Close my eyes for sleep
Who knows what dreams may come
Will I dream about chasing deer
Or perhaps I will finally catch the rabbit
Which has eluded me for some time
Maybe I dream of racing through fields
Running faster than I ever did before
For without knowing my physical paws begin to move
Or maybe I still stare down the raccoon
Wrinkling my snout up to utter a growl
Perhaps I dream of the past
which was hard and a scary one
nobody will know what I dream about
For I am only a dog who doesn’t speak

Remember Me

Will you remember me when I leave you
For I will leave you for some distant place
Far off I will be gone in outer space
I will now just be a soul passing through
You saw me last time as I said adieu
You wanted to finally touch base
Before I close my eyes and I embrace
To the final journey I’m going to
Remember me from the photos we took
So much time and fun we had together
But years you and I had were short for me
For disease crept up fast without a look
Now I wait till we are altogether
But for now I am finally free

Passing By With Rain [Response Letter From The Cloud]

What joy fills my heart to know the rains I carry quench your banks
When I stop by loaded, brimming fat with rain to pour down somewhere
I chose to stop by you, river, for I enjoy seeing your twinkling water
And the gushing it makes when I pour the rain down upon you
Sometimes I pour too much and your banks overflow,
I am sorry to give you too much sometimes
But I must relieve the tension from inside of me
For when I fill with rain I can become moody
I know I have traveled far and wide, from one side to the other
I have seen many things that you can only dream about
But somethings I have seen which makes my heart break
Like landscapes once filled with forests and rivers which have disappear forever
Under the human machines which run rampant across the land
But let us not dwell upon such sad and miserable tales
I will tell you of other adventures that you so crave
You are lucky to be here my friend, for you are far remove from the rest
Be content to stay your coursing banks and wrap around the hills
You make me laugh whenever I come by, whether I am white or gray
I am glad the air can take some of your water,
Evaporate it and let me suck into my cushion storage for another water source to use
I enjoy following your winding course as I say good bye
Until we met again here is a little rain water from a passing friend

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Blue Heron

Early in morning he comes to lake
He stands motionless; watching all around him
He is slender with skinny legs standing in water
Dips his white head at the slightest noise
I see him almost every morning
Same location across the other side
He has come since first I saw him there
His blueish feathers beautiful
Against the green tall grass behind him
I am quiet as a mouse not to disturb is thinking
As I slowly bring my camera up
He lets me snap photos of him until
The hour is too hot or noise is too much
He soars into the air; glides away
Until I see him again tomorrow morning