Ode To Black And White

Salt and pepper.
Crossword puzzle. Word searches.
Othello game pieces. Chess pieces.
Checkerboard. Dice. Dominoes.
Adult dalmatian dog. Border collie playing.
Universal product code. Code scanner.
Playing on a keyboard. Reading a newspaper.
Background and words on one way signs.
Football referee uniform. Soccer ball.
Zebra longwing butterfly. Zebra swallowtail butterfly.
Early years of photography prints.
Whole mushrooms covered in dirt.
Pirate flag flying in the breeze.
Swimming orcas. Wadding emperor penguins. Puffins.
A nun’s attire. Bride and Groom together.
Tuxedo cats. Ragamuffin. Felix the Cat.
Watching movies from the early 20s.
Watching TV sets from early 40s.
Zebras confusing predators.
Tapir. Cow. Stinky skunk.
Panda bear


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