Darken Streets

Each evening light begins to fades minute by minute
Until nighttime awakens to darken skies
Only lights are lamplights to light ones way
Outside city limits are they found
Dotting the darken streets
Every few houses have one lit
Until you drive down one street
And nothing; darken envelopes you
As you drive down with no light source
Finding your way blindly to find a friend’s home

More 5 Haikus From Dog

More dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

Must paw my blanket
Make comfortable before
I lay down on it

Not perfect, must paw
More– make it comfortable
For me to lay on

Move blanket around,
Still not completely right so,
Must paw blanket more

Blanket is wadded
Now it is perfect for me—
Yes, I’m comfy now

I don’t care if it
Is hot outside, I want to
Go out right now, bark

Begging Mother Nature

These days are filled with humid temps
Air hot ready to bake anyone who comes
Outside to turn them an overdone cookie
From the raging sun beaming down
Land begins to beg mother nature
For just a drink of rain water
But their voices are parched and dry
So she cannot hear them at all
Then without warning one day
Dark clouds come to deliver
The much need rain to all below

Sonnenizio On A Line From Keats

Four seasons fill the measure of the year
They refill for when their turn comes
No season should be put on the landfill
For they are needed to fill the each year
Some years they overfill each other
Clashing on previous filled season
Causing temperatures to overfill
Why can’t each season find fulfillment
Why can’t they fill their own season
Instead of refilling the others
I like seeing different fulfilled seasons
Each distinct and overfilled with what they offer
Four seasons should fill the measure of the year
If they are not filled what should we fear.

Patch Of Brown Leaves

Among the tree full of green leaves
A patch of brown leaves I see
Standing out lonely from others.
Why are you not green like the rest?
Did you feel the cold quicker
In early months of the year
While the rest were still growing?
Did you bud to early and now
You turn old ready to fall to ground?
Or is it because the weather
Fluctuated from hot to cold
And so you lost your green pigment?
Silent not answering you’re attach
For you are too high in tree.
My words are muffled among
Your fellow leaves surrounding you.

A Dog’s St. Patrick Day

March seventeenth rolls around
Clover banana hangs around my neck
I show my green when I make my round
Walking the street where I live
But glad no one else sees the rest.

Inside my owner has more for me
Long green tutu around my waist
A green clover necklace to big
And big green felt cowboy hat
To sit not so easy on my head.

I take it in stride to tolerate
What my owner is about do
More photos of me dressed up
Must pose and look happy on cue
Else green stuff stays longer on.

Wish my owner would just stick with simple
For I think it is too much
To add all the other stuff;
I am happy with a banana
Simply tied snugly around my neck.