Music Comes From Silence

Different musics respond to knocked-on silences
Which come out the blue from many sources
As the rattling of shutters during a tornado
A clicking of paws against wall from a sleeping dog
Or creaking floor from my kitchen
The brushing against the window from a tree branch
The breaking of twigs while walking through the park
Or hearing soft click click from computer’s keyboard
The abrupt start of pattering rain against the windows
Showering down unexpectedly while I hear from inside
Strumming crickets at night come alive with their song
Music comes from silence from anywhere at anytime
I hear many throughout my day

April 3, 2015 poetry: Gridley’s poem says, “Different musics respond to knocked-on silences” and she describes two – boats and wings. Begin with her quote and describe a list of such musics. Here are a few starters: twigs, keyboards, tambourines, claves, door jambs, ice.


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