City’s Morning Coffee

When city comes alive in early morning
Its brews a melting pot bubbling to the top
Of nice hot coffee; sipping as
Bringing the streets alive with workers
Walking, busing their way to work
City street rings loud with lion roaring crowds
As city talks to itself in morning rush
Sun raises high, city basks in the glow
Watching over Lake Erie complementing her next move
On where to expand or who will be the next
To move the aging city further in a future
Bright and brimming as the sunrise
Shines on steel buildings rising high in sky
They seem to show a twinkle in their eye
Then morning rush is over
Cleveland sits backs to enjoy the quiet
Until day is over the melting pot leaves scatters homeward
Til city wakes up and for morning coffee again

April 7, 2015 Poetry: Compose a poem about Cleveland, in which you use five metaphors comparing Cleveland to something else.


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